Blue Line


Blue Line Tracker  v.

Find out when the next Blue Line train is coming to your stop.

INTENTION 3D Game System Demo

DEMO - INTENTION is primarily a hockey strategy board game. It reflects the spirit of hockey with it's rules and similarity to North Americas favourite winter sport. Pass the puck, shoot from inside the blue line or try and beat the goalie. The INTENTION


Dieaz5_SimpleCourse  v.

This is a simple course. Double tap on lessons, for example "9-10". You can add a new course. Double tap on the area above of blue line. You can choose a picture to decorate

Gpx2bin  v.1.20

A program to convert GPS-track of *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea format to Navitel Tracks.bin "blue line" file.

Line Segment Cycles Game  v.1.1.2

Line Segment Cycles Game is a free game for you to play two player arcades in one computer.

Fluent Line Theme for Page Turning Book  v.1.0

Want to make pretty Flash Page Turning e-publication in simple steps?

ANDI-Diveplanner  v.1 2

ANDI-Diveplanner is a statistical simulation software. The Dive Profile window displays a graphic representation of the current dive plan. It takes the form of an inverted line graph.

CwGet  v.

A program to decode morse code (CW) via sound card to text. It can work as narrow-band sound DSP-filter also. No additional hardware required - you need only receiver and computer with a sound card. Can integrate with AALog logger.

OrcaDongle  v.1. 1. 2004

OrcaDongle is a program that helps you use and configure your Orcina dongle. It can be installed from your Orcina software installation disc.

EJS Galileo Sunspots Model  v.1.0

Study the effect of the sunspots. EJS Galileo Sunspots Model illustrates the motion and changes in appearance of sunspots as they move across the disk of the Sun.

NVTweak (Formerly Coolbits)  v.1.7.1

NVTray provides some extra quality tweaks that both the default NVIDIA tray icon and control panel are lacking. I especially wanted to be able to select more Antialiasing modes, as well as OpenGL and Direct3D options right from the tray icon. Also,

Y2K Checker  v.1.0.5

The Macintosh is Year 2000 compiant, however some of your applications may not be.

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