Blue Line


Fluent Line Theme for Page Turning Book  v.1.0

Want to make pretty Flash Page Turning e-publication in simple steps?

ANDI-Diveplanner  v.1 2

ANDI-Diveplanner is a statistical simulation software. The Dive Profile window displays a graphic representation of the current dive plan. It takes the form of an inverted line graph.


OrcaDongle  v.1. 1. 2004

OrcaDongle is a program that helps you use and configure your Orcina dongle. It can be installed from your Orcina software installation disc.

EJS Galileo Sunspots Model  v.1.0

Study the effect of the sunspots. EJS Galileo Sunspots Model illustrates the motion and changes in appearance of sunspots as they move across the disk of the Sun.

NVTweak (Formerly Coolbits)  v.1.7.1

NVTray provides some extra quality tweaks that both the default NVIDIA tray icon and control panel are lacking. I especially wanted to be able to select more Antialiasing modes, as well as OpenGL and Direct3D options right from the tray icon. Also,

Y2K Checker  v.1.0.5

The Macintosh is Year 2000 compiant, however some of your applications may not be.

LogotypeMaker Lite  v.1.2.9

LogotypeMaker Lite's main function is the typesetting of a text string using all the user's activated fonts.

Blue Ocean Strategy Software

Blue Ocean Strategy Elicitation Software Analysis Tool (Strategic Analysis, Management)

Clear Blue Security

Requires: Memory 25MB RAM, CPU Usage <1%, Hard Disk Usage 110MB, Network Load 250kB/hour. Clear Blue Security is a free full-featured endpoint security management suite that monitors,

Blue Cat's Chorus - VST  v.3 63

With the Blue Cat's Chorus software you can simulate several voices and have them played with a delay or you can choose to create different sounds, pitches or effects.

Blue Cat's Flanger - VST  v.2 63

Blue Cat's Flanger effect is very versatile: it may sound very harsh and metallic or on the contrary very soft. You can obtain a wide range of sounds with this plug-in.

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst - VST  v.1 71

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst is a free spectrum analyzer plug-in that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time.

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